Tom Lane wrote:
> Simon Riggs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Latest version, pitr_v5_2.patch...
> Reviewed and committed with some adjustments.
> I see the following significant loose ends:
> * Documentation is, um, lacking.  (One point in particular is that I
> inserted the recovery.conf.sample file into CVS, but did not fill in
> the patch's lack of attempt to install it anywhere.)

I figure it should go in share like the other sample files, and tell
people to copy it to /data and modify it for recovery.

> * As Bruce has pointed out already, the process of making a backup
> needs some improvements for more safety: the starting and ending WAL
> offsets have got to be recorded somehow.

Yep, we need those files in the archive location and the /data directory

> * As I have pointed out already, we need to invent "timelines" to
> allow incompatible WAL segments to exist side-by-side.  I will volunteer
> to look into this.


> * I think creating a .ready file during XLogFileOpen is completely bogus,
> for reasons mentioned in committed comments (look for XXX).  Possibly
> this can go away with timelines.
> * I am wondering if it wouldn't be a good idea to remove the local copy
> of any segment we successfully obtain from archive.  The existing
> comments note that we might get a wrong or corrupted file from archive,
> but aren't we in at least as much risk of using an obsolete segment
> restored from backup if we leave the local segment in place?  (The
> archive recovery run itself will know not to do this, but if we crash
> shortly thereafter, the ensuing recovery run would NOT know not to
> trust such files.)

> Perhaps the last point is really a backup-process issue.  AFAICS there
> is no good reason for a backup tarfile to include $PGDATA/pg_xlog at
> all, and some good reasons for it not to.  Can we redesign either the
> backup process or the disk layout so that that will not happen?  Then
> we could stop worrying about stale local pg_xlog files.

Seems we should just clear out the /pg_xlog directory before we start
recovery.  We are going to rename recovery.conf to
or something to prevent us from clearing out the directory after a
crash, right?  (I see you rename recovery.conf to recovery.done.  Is
that wise?  I thought we would disable recovery after a crash, or does
it just keep going?  If so, nice.)

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