Tom Lane wrote:
> Christopher Kings-Lynne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Weeeeell, I guess I'm against it based on the rules of feature freeze, 
> > even though it would be really useful for me :(
> It would have been a lot easier to approve it if it'd arrived on June 30
> rather than July 6 :-(.  However, I do believe that David originally
> submitted a slightly-too-late version of this in the previous release
> cycle, so maybe we could cut him a little slack and pretend this is a
> mistakenly-forgotten patch that we held over from 7.4.

Yes, I do see one from 7.4 but it was submitted by someone else:


Message 179/231 Andreas Joseph Krogh                                    
                       Oct 1, 2003 04:00:08 pm +0200
Organization: OfficeNet AS
Subject: [HACKERS] Patch for allowing multiple -t <table-name> options
for pg_dump
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 16:00:08 +0200

This si my first look at the pg-code, so it may not comply with the
coding-standards. I haven't coded in C for a while either, so if someone
finds a better way to implement this, go ahead, but this patch works for
with 7.4beta3.

comments are welcome.

If it's ok, I'll remove my debuging statements and provide a cleaner

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