"David F. Skoll" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> On Wed, 21 Jul 2004, Tom Lane wrote:
>> pg_dump -t s1.t1 -t s2.t2              -- Dump s1.t1 and s2.t2

> That's a good idea, but then it's questionable whether we need the -n
> switch at all.

Sure we do --- for backwards compatibility if nothing else.

> It might be simpler to extend the -t switch to accept:
>       pg-dump -t 's1.*'

That would not be the same thing --- that would mean to dump *only tables*
from s1, rather than objects of all types.  Anyway, I think it's a bit
late in this cycle to be proposing to implement wild-card matching.
Maybe for next time someone can do that, but for 7.5 I think we should
limit ourselves to cleaning up any design flaws of the already-submitted

                        regards, tom lane

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