Magnus Hagander wrote:
> Readline is pretty badly broken under mingw. Basically, it disables the
> alt-gr key, which renders psql almost useless on most locales (no way to
> type backslash, and a whole lot of other characters, for example).
> This patch disables readline on win32. (meaning it's back to working the
> way it did in <= 7.4, since msvc compiles have never supported readline)
> The patch also contains two definitions for win32/port/security.c that
> were for some reason not included when the rest of the win32-admin-check
> patch was applied earlier, that I stumbled on while making this patch.

I have added the following change to

        # readline on MinGW has problems with backslashes in psql and other bugs.
        # This is particularly a problem with non-US code pages.
        # Therefore disable its use until we understand the cause. 2004-07-20
        case $host_os in mingw*)
          if test "$with_readline" = yes; then
            AC_MSG_WARN([*** Readline does not work on MinGW --- disabling])

and will issue this warning during configure run:

        configure: WARNING: *** Readline does not work on MinGW --- disabling

You can suppress this warning by running configure using
--without-readline.  If we find a fix for this we can remove this code.

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