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> The locale that's interesting is the Windows locale, not the 
> pg one. And I assume you are on english locale? Then you 
> don't need Alt-Gr for backslash at least, but you're saying  
> other Alt-Gr-key based combinations did work?
> (I've also had reports of history problems, which in at least 
> one case has been fixed by the disabling of readline)
> //Magnus

Ah sorry, I misunderstood that you needed the Windows locale. Assuming
that the locale is the one that's set in Control Panel, Regional Options
then on my PC it's set to "English (United Kingdom)". As you suggest, I
don't need to use Alt-Gr for a backslash, but I can happily write all
sorts of strange characters (particularly lots of DOS characters) by
holding down Alt-Gr and tapping other keys on the keyboard. I can even
include these strange characters in SELECT queries, plus they display
correctly when cycling through the history.

Note this is running psql from cmd.exe instead of through the MSYS
terminal - for some reason psql.exe hangs when I try and run it from the
MSYS terminal at the moment....

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