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> Sent: 28 July 2004 09:29
> To: Dave Page
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> Subject: Re: [HACKERS] Cannot initdb in cvs tip
> Dave, now that we are nearing beta, I think we need to 
> correct the initdb problem with removing the directory on 
> Win32.  Would you code this up as something that sits in 
> /port/dirmod.c and have both initdb and DROP DATABASE call 
> the C routine rather than call rm -r/rmdir?  (I think those 
> are the only two.  DROP TABLESPACE?)

I'm pretty busy right now and can't guarantee I'll even be able to look
at this until Friday (I spent the last 2 days on pg stuff so need to do
some other things at work :-( ). If anyone has more time please shout,
otherwise I'll get to this as soon as I can.

> I wanted to keep a solution that was as native to the OS as 
> possible, but because we can't do that on Win32 and few 
> people like the unix system call to 'rm', it is time to clean it up.


> One question --- why is there a sleep loop needed for unlink 
> in your patch?

I don't know - which leads me nicely onto point out that it's not my
patch :-) I think it was Andrew that orginally wrote it - I just created
the patch to put it back in after it was removed.

Regards, Dave.

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