Bruce Momjian wrote:

Dave, now that we are nearing beta, I think we need to correct the
initdb problem with removing the directory on Win32. Would you code
this up as something that sits in /port/dirmod.c and have both initdb
and DROP DATABASE call the C routine rather than call rm -r/rmdir? (I
think those are the only two. DROP TABLESPACE?)

The small wrinkle here is that rmtree needs to make a copy of the file names before it starts removing things. In the backend case that means calling palloc() and friends - am I correct in assuming it is reasonable to do this in whatever context happens to be current when rmtree is called? (I promise to make it clean up nicely).

I wanted to keep a solution that was as native to the OS as possible,
but because we can't do that on Win32 and few people like the unix
system call to 'rm', it is time to clean it up.

One question --- why is there a sleep loop needed for unlink in your

We will just be calling the existing pgunlink() (which has a sleep) in the Windows cases, so this question becomes moot.



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