Bruce Momjian wrote:

Basically I think we are converging on an answer that we can't do any of
this for 7.5.

If it's not going into the distribution as contrib or core, I'll package that as additional admin pack. I'm quite sure I can convince the win32 installer packager guys to include that as default-on option as soon as I'm able to prove them how it's working.

The scope has gone way beyond what we had at feature
freeze, and we can't even get it to work on Win32,

??? The functions will work for win32, are you talking about logging?
The win32 log issue isn't a serverlog rotation issue, as I stated also the current stderr output is affected! I'd clearly see that as a fix, whilst it might be more than 10 lines of code. I'll try to fix that tomorrow. The very log_destination=file and rotation code will be more or less the same as for ***x.

I have added this to the TODO list:

        * Allow server logs to be read using SQL commands
        * Allow server configuration parameters to be modified remotetly

This is desirable in any case. But until 7.6 will be around, 1-1.5 years and ???,000 installations will happen. Since the functionality is available now or will be available VSN (certainly before 7.5 release), there's no good reason suppress it.


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