Andreas Pflug wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > 
> > Basically I think we are converging on an answer that we can't do any of
> > this for 7.5. 
> If it's not going into the distribution as contrib or core, I'll package 
> that as additional admin pack. I'm quite sure I can convince the win32 
> installer packager guys to include that as default-on option as soon as 
> I'm able to prove them how it's working.

Uh, but it isn't working on Win32, right?  How do you fix that?  During
beta?  That would be OK as an add-on.

> > The scope has gone way beyond what we had at feature
> > freeze, and we can't even get it to work on Win32, 
> ??? The functions will work for win32, are you talking about logging?

I mean logging.

> The win32 log issue isn't a serverlog rotation issue, as I stated also 
> the current stderr output is affected! I'd clearly see that as a fix, 
> whilst it might be more than 10 lines of code. I'll try to fix that 
> tomorrow. The very log_destination=file and rotation code will be more 
> or less the same as for ***x.

But does it work on Win32 and Unix?  It has to.

> > I have added this to the TODO list:
> > 
> >     * Allow server logs to be read using SQL commands
> >     * Allow server configuration parameters to be modified remotetly
> This is desirable in any case. But until 7.6 will be around, 1-1.5 years 
> and ???,000 installations will happen. Since the functionality is 
> available now or will be available VSN (certainly before 7.5 release), 
> there's no good reason suppress it.

Yes, that is a problem but we have to cut or we will never get to beta.
Probably doing an add-on until 7.6 might be the best but you are working
on it so let's see.

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