Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Here is the last patch before beta for subtransactions.  It fixes the
> following outstanding issues:

Applied with revisions.  I had to whack around the code associated with
the subtrans XID cache, because it was seriously violating the locking
requirements for addition/removal of running XIDs in PGPROC (see the
comments in GetSnapshotData, GetNewTransactionId, CommitTransaction).
It's possible that for subxact XIDs we need not be quite so tense, but
I would rather be conservative now and consider optimizations later.

> - Update comments in code, htup.h and xact.c

The "update" in xact.c seemed to consist of wholesale removal of the top
comment.  I didn't apply it, because the comment didn't seem that
useless.  It does need editorial work, but it's not content-free...

> - SetReindexProcessing

On this it seemed better to make use of TRY/CATCH to reset the flag
instead of putting the burden on xact.c.  Now that we have TRY/CATCH
I think we should make an effort to do things that way where possible.

> Note that I deliberately broke the API for EOXactCallbacks, because
> something that needs to do something at that low a level surely needs to
> be at least revised to check if it's OK regarding subtransactions.


                        regards, tom lane

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