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> Subject: Re: [PATCHES] Autovacuum Integration Patch Take 5 
> "Matthew T. O'Connor" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Well I didn't get out of the office as early as I had hoped, and I 
> > have stayed up longer than I had planned, but I have a patch that 
> > addresses many of the issues raised by Tom.  Please take a 
> look at let 
> > me know if I'm heading in the right direction.
> You're headed in the right direction, but I'm afraid we're 
> running out of time.  The core committee has chewed this over 
> and agreed that we can't postpone beta for the amount of time 
> we think it will take to make this patch committable.  So 
> we're going to hold it over for the 8.1 release cycle.

Without wishing to sound insensitive to Matthew's frustration at this,
can I therefore request that my win32 service patch gets applied to the
/contrib version so we can look into integrating autovacuum with the
Win32 installer please?

Regards, Dave.

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