What would people like done with this patch?  A sample section is:

! datestyle = 'iso, mdy'
! #timezone = {enviroment}        # actually, defaults to TZ environment setting
!                                 # set at initdb time
! australian_timezones = false
! extra_float_digits = 0          # min -15, max 2
! #client_encoding = {db encoding} # actually, defaults to database encoding
!                                 # common: UNICODE, SQL_ASCII

He has kept comments on the items where we can't determine a default.

One issue is that the postgresql.conf file only gets installed as part
of initdb so a shutdown/install/restart will replace the sample file,
but the server file will retain comments until an initdb.  This means
some beta people might go into 8.0.0 final with comments, and some will


Josh Berkus wrote:
> Tom,
> Attached is that patch I talked to you about on hackers.   It changes the 
> description at the top and uncomments most (but not all) of the lines in an 
> effort to make it clear that commenting is not a way to restore the defaults.
> I've tested this on my machine and we end up with the exact same defaults with 
> this patch as without, so no changes to initdb should be required.
> -- 
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