> One issue is that the postgresql.conf file only gets installed as part
> of initdb so a shutdown/install/restart will replace the sample file,
> but the server file will retain comments until an initdb.  This means
> some beta people might go into 8.0.0 final with comments, and some will
> not.

I think there's a couple other patches that have the same effect (that is, 
initdb is required to take care of them).   I think people using the beta 
should expect to re-build several times, anyway -- if they're not, they 
shouldn't use beta software.

Also, this is basically a "documentation" bug, intended to make 
postgresql.conf easier to understand, so even if some beta tester doesn't 
load it, postgresql.conf still works ..

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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