Andreas Pflug <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Back on track: if rename() does exist under Windows then my idea is
>> unreliable.  Any other thoughts?  How about #including <io.h> in port.h
>> (for Windows only of course) before we #define these things?

> Probably won't work, because pgrename and rename do not have the same 
> definition/linkage.

So?  The compiler would see something like

        extern linkage_spec rename(...);

        extern int pgrename(...);

        #define rename  pgrename

so the conflict of linkage spec shouldn't bother anything.

> I posted the attached patch 4 days ago, with the comment
> "The attached patch will redefine unlink and rename only if FRONTEND is 
> not defined.".

> I still believe this a good way to fix it.

The conflict would still exist.  AFAICS it's pure chance that it's
not affecting any backend modules at the moment.

                        regards, tom lane

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