Bruce Momjian said:
> This is quite a large patch, but we do need a solution to this problem.
>  Should it be applied?

I looked at it briefly, but felt sufficiently daunted that I gave up until I
have time to review it (my time is extremely limited right now).

ISTM that a very simple alternative would be to force pg_dump to inhibit
dollar quoting for non-text dumps. Then we could revisit the issue later on,
and maybe bite the bullet and use flex in pg_restore.



> Philip Warner wrote:
>> Not sure if this is the desired approach, but since it works, I
>> thought I'd  send it.
>> This patch allows pg_restore to recognize $-quotes in SQL queries. It
>> will  treat any unquoted string that starts with a $ and has no
>> preceding  identifier chars as a potential $-quote tag, it then makes
>> sure that the  tag chars are valid. If so, it processes the $-quote.
>> Tested against local DBs and regression DB.

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