At 12:47 AM 19/08/2004, Tom Lane wrote:
I don't want to do that, but I did think that a simpler alternative
would be to inhibit pg_restore from attempting to parse FUNCTION
entries.  I can't see any strong need for it to do so.

I don't like hard-coding stuff based on the TOC tags; but we *might* be able to get away with a more general rule: do not parse if it's an object definition (as opposed to data).

In the longer term I think we will need to continue to parse TOC entries. In playing around with pg_dump(all), I put user definitions in one TOC entry. For those, we will need to add as many users as possible and ignore individual failures (something we can't to if a single multi-statement string is sent to the backend). Other TOC entries may need to be atomic. Not sure.

If the patch is not kosher, then I'd vote for adding a "do not parse" flag on the TOC entries when dumping them. Or a statement count.

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