On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 03:16:09PM -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> Since I haven't heard anyone else asking for pkgconfig support, I'm
> inclined to say we should put the whole idea on the shelf until there's
> more evidence that it's worth something.
pkg-config is a relatively new method, but most packages
(like gtk, silc's debian package, sqlite, alsa, atk, fontconfig, freetype2, gdk-*,
glib, gthread, libexslt, libpng, openssl, pango, sigc++, xft, etc) support it,
because it's prefferd, doesn't have non-standard behaviour(like php-config, doesn't
have --cflags, it has --includes instead). make a poll on the website to see if
people want it or not. there are hundred millions of configure script that
cannot decide how to get postgres' cflags and libs by themselves. I can
modify the patch to make it disable-able, but I don't think so it would
worth the effort.

and I've also thought for multiple instances for libpq, libecpg, but currently
i've just made it for libpq. doesn't take much more effort to modify it for them.


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