Czuczy Gergely wrote:
> pkg-config is a relatively new method, but most packages
> (like gtk, silc's debian package, sqlite, alsa, atk, fontconfig,
> freetype2, gdk-*, glib, gthread, libexslt, libpng, openssl, pango,
> sigc++, xft, etc) support it,

That sounds very GNOME-biased, and the list on my machine supports that.  
So it's far from universal.

> because it's prefferd, doesn't have
> non-standard behaviour(like php-config, doesn't have --cflags, it has
> --includes instead).

It depends on what you define as standard.  pkg-config doesn't have a 
--cppflags option, only --cflags, so I'm already wondering how one can 
write correct makefiles with it.

> there are hundred millions of configure script that cannot
> decide how to get postgres' cflags and libs by themselves.

That's nonsense.  pg_config is successfully used to interface to 
PostgreSQL libraries.

Peter Eisentraut

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