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While you are at it ...

>         <listitem>
>          <para>
>           A new version of the <application>plperl</> server-side language now
> !         supports a persistent shared storage area, triggers, returning records
> !         and arrays of records, and SPI calls to access the database.
>          </para>
>         </listitem>

"arrays of records" seems inaccurate; how about "set of records"

>     <para>
> !    The SQL2003 standard specifies that the keyword
> !    <literal>SAVEPOINT</> is mandatory.  <productname>PostgreSQL</> and
> !    <productname>Oracle</> allow the <literal>SAVEPOINT</literal>
> !    keyword to be omitted.  SQL2003 allows only <literal>WORK</>, not

Why are we mentioning Oracle behavior at all?

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