On Friday August 27 2004 4:34, Ed L. wrote:
> > One other thing I've been thinking of suggesting is that the
> > next-rotation-target-time be rounded to an exact multiple of
> > log_rotation_age.  So for example if you set log_rotation_age = 60
> > minutes then rotations will happen at the top of the hour no matter
> > when the postmaster was started.  The simplistic approach of doing
> > this on the time_t value would mean that, say, age = 24*60 would give
> > you rotations occurring at GMT midnight not local midnight, which isn't
> > perfect but I'd say good enough.  Again though, the interaction with
> > size-driven rotation might need more thought.
> Apache's rotatelogs works this way, and includes a UTC offset option, to
> allow rotations at local midnight.

I see struct pg_tm has tm_gmtoff, but it seems to be zero on my MST7MDT 2.4 
kernel linux box here.  Is there a standard way of retrieving the offset 
within the PG source code?


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