> >> While I have no particular objection to adjusting the
> >> tsearch2 script, why has the installer got a problem with it? 
> >> Seems like this suggests a bug in win32 psql.  
> > The installer runs contrib module scripts without using psql - it 
> > executes them in a 'custom action' - code that is added to the 
> > installation package in this case as a dll.
> Oh.  Hmm ... wouldn't it be easier and safer to launch "psql <script"
> as a subprocess?

I'd say no. Executing processes from the installer environment can be a
headache (we've had enough problems with initdb already..). And you have
to go through all the weirdness with the commandline quoting etc on
win32... It's a lot easier to execute a SQL script line-by-line. Which
also lets us trap the errors easier etc.


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