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> To: Magnus Hagander
> Cc: Dave Page; PostgreSQL-patches
> Subject: Re: [PATCHES] Tsearch2 update for Win32. 
> I was about to mention trapping errors as being a likely weak 
> spot of custom-script-execution code.  And have you 
> duplicated psql's rather extensive logic for determining 
> where SQL commands end?  

No. Currently it just feeds the scripts into PQexec in one go with no
parsing. There's a fair bit of work to do as well as this so we're
crossing bridges as we get to them, And as there aren't any contribs
with $ quoting yet (that I've found so far anyway)...

Anyway, no need to get annoyed - if it were more than a few inserts in
one file, I would be looking to enhance our code; I've no wish to make
the core distro any less maintainable.readable/whatever.

Regards, Dave.

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