>> No. Not that one. PGAC_PATH_PYTHON. That is a different line. It's
>> defined in config/python.m4. The line is:
>> python_includespec="-I${python_prefix}/include/python${python_version
>Are we reading the same code?
># ----------------
># Look for Python and set the output variable 'PYTHON'
># to 'python' if found, empty otherwise.
>if test x"$PYTHON" = x""; then
>  AC_MSG_ERROR([Python not found])

Not quite. Further down in that same file. Seems I mean
PGAC_CHECK_PYTHON_DIRS :-) Not used to these files... I guess that means
that I'm off on the wrong path. :-(

Anyway. The issue is that there is no Makefile in $python_configdir.
That's the part that we need to get rid of. Any pointers? Some kind of
if in python.m4 then probably?


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