Bruce Momjian wrote:

Peter Eisentraut wrote:

Joshua D. Drake wrote:

We expected this to a degree of course, but if we can get some of
them in, it would be nice for the community
who wants to use plPerl.

On the other hand, it wouldn't be that nice for the community that respects a good freeze. As you know, there will always be one more feature.

Considering that we're already a long time into the beta phase, and we're still working out portability issues especially in the various plug-ins, we really ought to be strict about the freeze in that area if we ever want to get finished.

Agreed. This is the downside of being bundled with the server. Sorry.

Entirely expected (at least by me). I certainly respect a good freeze (what a nice phrase).

However, there are outstanding patches from Abhijit Menon-Sen that are genuine bug fixes that need to be queued, reviewed and applied.



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