Is there any reason why the backend doesn't cast an unquoted integer to
a boolean value?

Can you add some regression tests, please?

:-/ I have zero understanding or knowledge of the regression test suite. Given the simplicity of the casts, does this really need a require a regression test? I could've written it as: "return(PG_GETARG_INT32(0) ? true : false);" and saved a few lines of code... there's no chance or room for a bug or change in behavior unless C changes its trinary operator.... and that's not gunna happen until hell freezes over and we've all taken up skiing.

The patch treats any non-zero value as "true". Is that the behavior we
want, or should we only allow "1" as an integer representation of
"true"? (I'm not sure myself, I just don't think copying C here is
necessarily the best guide.)

I would posit that this is the desired behavior as it's consistent with every language I can think of.

The patch changes the system catalog; it probably ought to also bump the
catalog version number. That also means this probably isn't 8.0
material, unless we make an unrelated system catalog change in a future
beta (... and even then, I'm not sure if I'd cal it a bug fix).

System catalog bumps have been coming through with some degree of regularity so I wasn't worried about providing the patch to bump the catalog date. -sc

Sean Chittenden

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