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On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 02:10, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> I think your 'override' fix is correct.  Personally I think override
> should be used in most cases in our code because we are usually careful
> to add to any flags already supplied by the user.

Ok, I think 'override' is definitely correct for the instance the patch
fixes, since the build breaks otherwise. Therefore I intend to apply the
patch I posted earlier to HEAD shortly, barring any objections.

In addition, we modify LDFLAGS in the following places:

(1) src/Makefile.global.in -- adding rpath flags

(2) src/Makefile.global.in -- adding LDFLAGS due to COPT/PROFILE

(3) src/makefiles/Makefile.hpux

(4) src/makefiles/Makefile.irix

(5) src/makefiles/Makefile.qnx4

(6) src/makefiles/Makefile.svr4

What do folks think about using override in these situations?


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