> > The following patch addresses this issue by making libpgport usable 
> > unchanged by client applications, and makes a special 
> server version 
> > for the backend.
> This raises some alarm bells for me.  Why does a "port 
> support" library need to distinguish whether it is running in 
> frontend or backend?

Just from the problems I've seen with several modules - ereport().
Several functions use ereport() if !FRONTEND and something else if

I've seen this problem several times when trying to compile things "out
of sync". The main issue is that the port stuff behave differently,
certainly. I originally thought the deal was that anything that relied
on backend stuff would go in backend/port, but there are (and has been
since before I started looking at it) several files in /port/ taht rely
heavily on functions and variables in the backend.


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