Luiz K. Matsumura wrote:


I tried to use pg_dumpall in Win32 and receive a error message like this:

pg_dump.exe: [archiver (db)] connection to database "test" failed:
FATAL:  user "'postgres'" does not exist

Well, the word "'postgres'" is  the word is between simple quotations
marks and later between double quotations marks.
Then, I assume that the error must be in string that pg_dumpall mounts
to execute pg_dump

I modified pg_dumpall.c lines between  160 and 270  to add a #ifndef
WIN32... #endif clause to pgdumpopts to store
the parameters with double quotations intead simple quotation marks in
case of WIN32 ports
But, I don't have how to test it.
Please, somebody can test and fix the pg_dumpall.c of oficial source ?

Thanks in advance


Please provide your patch as a context diff, not as the whole file, so we can see what is changed.



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