> Unfortunately some re-jigging of Magnus' Win32 version patch 
> broke the build by introducing some un-escaped double quotes 
> into sed commands.
> The attached patch escapes those quotes without removing the 
> re-jigging that was done.

Hmm, this approach seems to make it even less readable :-)

If I understood it right Bruce added the double quotes to the Makefiles
because he thought having a text string there without quotes was bad.
But having to escape them there is surely worse!

The original patch added the quotes in the sed rule. If we want to keep
the quotes in the Makefile:s, we should proably try to fix this problem
at the sed rule, not in every Makefile. If we can't, then my vote is to
go back to the orignial patch and remove the quotes from the Makefiles

I'm busy with other stuff right now, but I'll take a look at it as soon
as i can unless someone has already fixed it. This being
sed-and-makefile stuff I'm sure there are others who are more fluent in
it than me :-)


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