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> From: Magnus Hagander [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Sent: 06 October 2004 15:27
> To: Dave Page; PostgreSQL-patches
> Subject: RE: [PATCHES] Win32 VERSIONINFO fix
> > Unfortunately some re-jigging of Magnus' Win32 version 
> patch broke the 
> > build by introducing some un-escaped double quotes into sed 
> commands.
> > The attached patch escapes those quotes without removing the 
> > re-jigging that was done.
> Hmm, this approach seems to make it even less readable :-)
> If I understood it right Bruce added the double quotes to the 
> Makefiles because he thought having a text string there 
> without quotes was bad.
> But having to escape them there is surely worse!

I never said it was pretty, and as you didn't tell me why Bruce added
the quotes when we spoke before... :-)

> The original patch added the quotes in the sed rule. If we 
> want to keep the quotes in the Makefile:s, we should proably 
> try to fix this problem at the sed rule, not in every 
> Makefile. If we can't, then my vote is to go back to the 
> orignial patch and remove the quotes from the Makefiles completely.

I can do the latter if that's what ppl want. Like you though I'd need
some sed help to leave the quotes in the Makefiles without escaping


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