Dear Tom,

What I'd rather see is some effort spent on speeding up our "install"
script, maybe by allowing it to install multiple files per invocation.
The recent changes to force install-all-headers have caused a
serious degradation of "make install" performance,

Yes, I agree.

and I think that's where the issue really needs to be solved.

Improving the performance would require to fix the install script so that it can handle more than one argument at once, and/or use a more or less standard "install" program when available.

It seems that there was a disagreement on these issues, so nothing was done in the end.

I think we could try to use the same procedure as apache:
 - look for a standard BSD-install program (in configure)
 - have a multi-argument script as a replacement if none is found

The opposition to this was because of portability concerns, which
indeed require some attention.


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