Magnus Hagander wrote:

Attached patch makes initdb generate the config files with windows
linebreaks when running on windows. This makes it a lot easier for the
user to edit the configuration files, since any win32 plaintext editor
can be used (such as notepad for example).

If this is acceptable, and the method is ok, please apply for beta4 so
we can add some nice icons to the win32 installer :-)

Assuming this works, the far simpler change would (or should) be to open the file with "w" rather than PG_BINARY_W in all cases.

That does seem to work, yes. I thought there was some magic reason we were using PG_BINARY_W and not "w".. Assuming there isn't, attached patch is certainly cleaner.

I don't recall. It's been there since before the code was even committed to CVS, by the look of it. Probably I was just trying to be as Unix-like as possible.

It might break if we feed it a Ctrl-Z, but that isn't likely in this case, is it?



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