> > >   o fix shared memory on Win2k terminal server
> > > 
> > >   We might be able to just mark this as not supported.

The shmem code works in a terminal server session with or without the patch.
Magnus had a different problem, probably permissions. Since I do not have a
non admin user (on a TS server) I disabled the win32_is_admin check.

It is my opinion that we should allow pg to run as Admin on Windows, at least 
with an override option. Services that run under a specified user are a headache
on Win32, because you need to store a password, and a lot of systems only have 
one user.

> > I have attached a patch that I think fixes this. The problem I saw 
> > and fixed is, that the shmem created in a terminal services client is not 
> > visible to the console (or services.msc).

The decision is simple. If we want the shmem to be global on the machine we need 
the patch. I think we want that, but can not give an authoritative answer.

> > I think in addition the system global name "sharemem.1" should be made more 
> > pg specific, like "PostgreSQL.1". I have not done this since a new compile 
> > would not detect a running old beta. But now would be the time (or never).

I think all agreed that this is good.


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