Tom Lane wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Incidentally ("collateral damage"), the patch modifies the TRUNCATE
> > command so that it can work on multiple tables.  In particular, if
> > foreign key references are all internal to the group that's being
> > truncated, the command is allowed.
> I think this is a feature addition that you've cleverly managed to
> present as a bug fix ;-).  While I like the feature, I've got very
> mixed emotions about applying it this late in beta.  The "bug" exists
> in 7.4 but has yet to be reported in the field, which says to me that
> we could leave it unfixed in 8.0 as well.  Conservatism would suggest
> holding the change for 8.1.  OTOH, multiple TRUNCATE would be a useful
> feature --- it came up just the other day.
> Comments anyone?

Alvaro, would you post the patch skipping whitespace changes.  As posted
the patch does look very large, as you suggested.

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