Tom Lane wrote:
> The attached patch removes GUC's USERLIMIT variable category, changing
> all the affected variables to be plain SUSET, as per recent discussion.
> I also modified postgres.c so that variable settings coming from the
> client connection request packet (eg, from PGOPTIONS on the client side)
> are processed only after we have determined whether the user is a
> superuser.  This allows a superuser to set SUSET options from PGOPTIONS,
> which has never worked before.
> I consider this to be a lot cleaner and more flexible than what we have
> now.  Comments?

I would be glad to see USERLIMIT gone, even though I wrote it.  However,
I feel we are removing user's ability of non-super users to turn logging
on and off easily without really having thought through a mechanism to
give them that.  I just don't see people creating secuirty definer
functions easily to do this and perhaps we should ship some capability
with our source.

I am thinking we should hold until 8.1.  I do like the idea of moving
things to ALTER USER but I think there is more work for us to do.

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