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Sent: 07 January 2005 10:57
Subject: Re: [PATCHES] pg_config MSVC makefile

> Dave Page wrote:
> Err, I missed this earlier - we had discussed getting rid of all the
> VC++ & Borland makefiles for 8.1. With Mingw now working they are a
> little redundant now, and Bruce & I (and probably others) had to jump
> through hoops to keep them working this release. Admittedley that pain
> will probably be less in the future, but still, they are a pita to
> maintain (especially Borland as no-one seems to have the compiler
> anyway!)
I have VC++ and have been using it to compile my libpq.dll files since PG 6.5.
Has anyone compared the DLL files using Mingw and using VC++ in terms of size and speed on win32? I'm not sure if there's any huge difference but would hate to have VC++ support for compiling the DLLs dropped without that knowledge. 
I'd be happy to provide VC++ compiled DLLs for Mingw and VC++ if anyone would like to try them. I suppose I could also code some sort of test program in C and do the tests myself.
Not sure if this has been discussed already. I'd hate to be re-visting someone else's attempt.
As far as I know, there have been no real benchmarks done, however, pgAdmin now ships with a Mingw compiled libpq where previous versions used a (static) VC++ one and I've neither noticed any difference myself, or had any reports of poor performance on the pgAdmin lists (or privately) from other users.
Personally I don't think minor size differences are much of an issue given today's storage and network capabilities and the fact that the file is only around 150Kb anyway.
Regards, Dave.

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