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> start - 8.0 Release
> Dave,
> > You probably need to restart after editting it so that the 
> SCM reloads
> > it. 
> I am not quite sure if that really helped. Either way, I 
> found a workaround
> and want to have it within googling space:
> at the moment the rest of the command-line after -E is stored 
> within the
> DependOnService Property. 
> So the easiest fix is to have -E as the last parameter when 
> creating the
> pg_autovacuum service...
> that creates an 
> DependOnService pgsql-8.0 
> Key-Entry within the registry and it works ....

Not every time unfortunately. It very much depends on the state of the
memory and whether or not you end up with an extra null on the end of
the string. In testing I found that often didn't happen.

Regards, Dave

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