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In the windows service world, is there any reason pg_autovacuum should ever give up?

I was a bit worried about the scenario in which J Random Luser tries to start the server twice and ends up with two autovacuum daemons attached to the same postmaster. I'm not sure if this is possible, probable, or dangerous ... but it seems like a point to consider.

It is a good point to consider. Let me be a little more detailed in my explanation and see if that helps:
* A never give up pg_autovacuum would only be used when run as a windows service.
* The windows service control manager can still kill pg_autovacuum, so you shouldn't be able to start more than one that way.
* You have always been able to run multiple pg_autovacuums, it's not advisable, and it's only bad side effect would be excessive, or more than expected, vacuum commands.

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