Neil, do you have a verdict on this patch?

On Friday January 28 2005 10:30, Ed L. wrote:
> If the C code for the prior dbsize patch is not acceptable for
> whatever reason, here's a SQL-based patch to replace it.  It's
> not a drop-in for 7.3/7.4 as I'd hoped, only an 8.1 patch.  I
> believe it is functionally equivalent to the C patch, but
> simpler, shorter, and probably a tad slower. I also removed
> the README section on how to aggregate since it was
> incomplete/incorrect (it didn't count toasted indices) and
> added a SQL function that itemizes the size for a relation's
> table and index data (helpful to us in identifying bloat,
> measuring performance, capacity estimation, etc).
> Ed

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