>> Can defaults be set to the result of a function?
>By "power-on default" I mean the value that the variable is assigned as
>its static initializer.  That has to be a link-time constant (at least
>in C ...).  Anything else will mean misbehavior if an error occurs
>before the GUC code itself has been able to initialize.

Hmm. Ok.

>> The problem with changing the default from stderr to 
>eventlog is that it
>> will send the messages to the eventlog even if running from 
>the console,
>> which is not good.
>It's not perfect maybe, but it's certainly less bad than the present
>behavior.  At least we know that the eventlog will always exist on
>Windows.  I'm not sure how interesting the running-from-the-console
>case actually is for Windows users anyway.

It's definitly interesting when debugging :-)

What do you think of the following as a fix? It should put the message
in the eventlog when running as a service, but stderr when on the


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