In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, on 02/26/05 
   at 11:09 PM, Bruce Momjian <> said:

>Here is an updated version that handles all cases.  It does rename the
>routine names so the primary encoding name is used for the routine names. 
>This will be documented in the release notes if anyone actually uses
>those names in their code.

>This patch requires renaming of the utf8_and_tcvn directory so it will
>not apply cleanly.

>I left the routines named utf_8 alone because the code splits encoding
>names at breaks, like this iso_8859_7_to_utf_8.  I assume that is OK.

You cannot patch conversion_create.sql

You have to patch the makefile that generates it.

The CONVERSIONS variable has the names etc and the

@set $(CONVERSIONS) etc code generates the conversion_create.sql file


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