Bruce Momjian <> writes:
>> The correct encoding name is "UTF-8".

> True, but Peter says the ANSI standard calls it UTF8 so that's what I
> used.

What SQL99 actually says is

         -  UTF8 specifies the name of a character repertoire that consists
            of every character represented by The Unicode Standard Version
            2.0 and by ISO/IEC 10646 UTF-8, where each character is encoded
            using the UTF-8 encoding, occupying from 1 (one) through 6

That is, "UTF8" is an identifier chosen to refer to an encoding which
they know perfectly well is really called UTF-8.  We should probably
follow the same convention of using UTF8 in code identifiers and UTF-8
in documentation.  In particular, UTF_8 with an underscore is sanctioned
by nobody and should be avoided.

                        regards, tom lane

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