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> With us moving to a normal 8.1 release do you want to submit submit to
> be applied to CVS?

Here it is in a single tarball.  I keep the previous description below.

Here is the latest installation of my shared dependency patch.
As some of you may remember, the purpose of this patch is to record
dependencies on shared objects, such as users, groups and tablespaces,
from regular database objects.  This is done on a new shared system
catalog called pg_shdepend, so that when a backend wants to drop any
shared object, it can easily verify whether it is referenced in other

I have upgraded the patch to include references present in ACLs, and to
lock the objects appropiately before checking.  To do this I had to
change the LOCKTAG struct somewhat, using a previous patch by Rod Taylor
(thanks Rod!); and add a LockSharedObject() function.

Alvaro Herrera (<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>)
"La tristeza es un muro entre dos jardines" (Khalil Gibran)

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