Bruce Momjian wrote:

You didn't like server_min_messages = 'notify'?

I merely don't have a feeling for how much additional stuff verbose would be putting in the log files.

If it's a good practice for production systems to be logging
NOTIFY's I'm happy with the change.

My reasoning why I thought the log file was more useful was that only an admin with access to the log files could really do anything about the message anyway.

Also since the message happing occasionally is probably OK,
yet if it happens a lot it's more likely worth looking
into - I think the historical record of when it happened
is more interesting than a one-time occurrence which is
all you seen in the active session.


PS: I'm fine either way; and perhaps it's a good idea
for me to be logging NOTIFY's anyway -- I just thought
I'd explain my reasoning above.  I'm sure you guys know
a lot more than me what best practices would be.

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