Tom Lane wrote:
Hmm.  There's some merit in that position, but consider this: we are
encouraging people rather strongly to move to the add_missing_from=false
behavior.  So add_missing_from=true could be seen as a testing situation
in which you'd like to know which of your queries have a problem, while
not actually causing your app to fail.  Strict backwards compatibility
won't produce the warning but also won't help you find what will break.

Hmm, ok, I can see where that would be useful.

Looking at how to implement this, there is some rather dodgy code in warnAutoRange() in parse_relation.c that only emits the notice about adding a missing FROM clause entry if the query already has at least one range table entry in its FROM clause. The idea appears to be to not issue warnings about queries like "SELECT foo.*;", but it also means we don't end up warning about DELETE and UPDATE.

I think the right fix is to remove the "inFromCl" check, and always issue a notice. With add_missing_from=true, all these queries are rejected anyway, so I think it makes sense to warn about all of them when add_missing_from is disabled. Objections?


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