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> Well, the number you highlighted might not equal the number on the next
> line if you don't have enough entries to store all the free space, e.g.:
>       INFO:  free space map contains information about:
>       49 relations, limit 1000 relations
>       14024 pages with free space, 18000 pages (with overhead)
>       19300 pages required to track all freespace, limit 18000 pages (171 kB)

Huh, so there are three numbers: the 14024 which is "pages with free
space", the 19300 "required to track all free space" and 18000 which is
the limit.

What goes in the remaining 5276 (19300-14024) page entries anyway?

> > Also, non-main messages should end with a period according to message
> > style guidelines.
> Uh, I am confused on that. The docs say:
>       Primary error messages: Do not capitalize the first letter. Do not end a
>       message with a period. Do not even think about ending a message with an
>       exclamation point.
>       Detail and hint messages: Use complete sentences, and end each with a
>       period. Capitalize the first word of sentences. 
> Should the "memory used" line be a hint?

I think all lines in the INFO message are considered "detail" messages.
So everything should end with a period, or the whole thing be made a
complete sentence.  I'm not sure how to do that.

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