Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:
To reiterate my opinion, I think the behavior should be the same
for interactive and non-interactive sessions. Not only will it
prevent nasty surprises, but unless we make a third 'setting',
there will be no way to enable this in non-interactive scripts,
which is something that I would want to be able to do.

> I don't buy the "but what if I set it in .psqlrc and forget" argument.
That could be applied to a lot of things you could put in there. This
setting defaults to "off" and must be explicitly enabled. I'd be okay
with a "smart" mode that explicitly enables the interactive/non-interactive

But people (like me for example) will want to enable this behaviour by default. So they (me too) will put the option in .psqlrc. It is then enabled "by default". But then many of my scripts will destroy data instead of just erroring out.
I just don't see why non-interactive mode does need such a switch because there is no way to check if there was an error. So just put two queries there and hope one will work?

If you really want this for scripts, there must be two options:
* one to put savely into .psqlrc (what some people will want, I have \set AUTOCOMMIT off in my .psqlrc file, too, and I know I am not the only one)
* another one that will also work in scripts

I hope you understand and accept the issue here.

Best Regards,
Michael Paesold

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