> > Looks pretty good -- barring any objections I'll apply this to HEAD 
> > tomorrow or the day after (there's a room for a bit of 
> cleanup to the 
> > docs, but I'll do that before committing).
> Couple of minor gripes:
> 1.  Can we reduce the amount of stuff #include'd by pgstat.h? 
>  I particularly dislike including builtins.h there; that 
> surely should be unnecessary, since there's nothing but 
> externs in builtins.h.

Right. Only one needs to be there, the other two can be moved to
pgstatfuncs.c. The last one is needed to get the SockAddr structure.

> 2.  WRT the inet.h change: the project standard is that 
> extern declarations are spelled with "extern".


Updated patch attached.


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