Qingqing Zhou wrote:
On a separate matter, can anyone please explain me how this piece of code

    /* no free elements.  allocate another chunk of buckets */
    if (!element_alloc(hashp, HASHELEMENT_ALLOC_INCR))
     return NULL; /* out of memory */

element_alloc() in fact uses MemoryContextAlloc() stuff.

Well, element_alloc() uses the hash table's alloc function pointer. In theory, that could be malloc() or anything else, although I notice this abstraction is not consistently maintained (e.g. dir_realloc assumes pfree() is sufficient to free an allocation).

I think it would be a good idea to change dynahash.c to assume that the hash table's allocation function will elog(ERROR) on out-of-memory, so its return value will always be non-NULL. This would allow for a bunch of code to be simplified.


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