Neil Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I basically just moved the logic for the "are the keys equal?" test from 
> the FK trigger itself into the code that enqueues the trigger. I then 
> removed the keys-are-equal check from the FK trigger. I also had to 
> change (somewhat awkwardly) RI_FKey_keyequal_upd() to work for updates 
> on either the PK table or the FK table. I also removed the bogus 
> TriggerData argument from RI_FKey_keyequal_upd(), since AFAICS it is no 
> needed and merely adds confusion.

It would probably be cleaner to have two keys-are-equal check routines
than to contort RI_FKey_keyequal_upd to work this way.

You seem to have also done a fair amount of unrelated hacking around.
What's the point of removing the distinction between check_ins and
check_upd functions?  I think that may confuse existing client code
that looks at the triggers, without really buying much.  A possibly
stronger argument is that if we find down the road that we need
separate functions again, we'll be in a bit of a sticky place; at
least if we need it to fix a bug without forcing initdb.

> This patch does cause one change to the regression test output:

That's discomforting --- you had better find out exactly why that

                        regards, tom lane

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